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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will you inform my family of updates?

A: Unless there is a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care on file, updates and communication will be between Hoeger House staff and the patients. Patients may then share the updates with family members as they wish. If there is a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care on file, updates will be given to that family member.
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Q: What will be available in my room?

A: Each room at the Hoeger House is furnished with satellite TV, DVD, VCR, individual temperature control and private phone line. The phone number is displayed in each room and family or friends can call at any time understanding that patients will not be in their rooms during their therapy sessions. Phones are not capable of making long-distance calls, however.
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Q: Are laundry services available at the Hoeger House?

A: Yes. Laundry is done as a service for you. Laundry will be collected as needed and returned as soon as possible. Additional services are available upon request.
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Q: What if I have additional questions before I come to Hoeger House?

A: If you have additional questions or need any additional information, please contact social services or the administrator by calling (913) 397-2900.
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Q: How long will I be at the Hoeger House?

A: Each individual situation is different and there are many factors that play a part in your recovery. There are some important criteria that Medicare and other insurance companies look at when determining the length of insurance coverage:

  • Has the patient’s prior functional level been obtained?
  • Has the patient’s therapy progress plateaued?
  • Is the patient routinely refusing to participate in therapy?

If the answer to any of the above questions is “yes,” the patient’s stay would normally end. Though patients will be notified of their progress throughout their stay, each person will receive at least 48-hour notice in writing that their insurance or Medicare coverage will be ending.
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Q: How often will I see a doctor?

A: At Hoeger House, the nurses are in daily phone contact with our doctor or nurse practitioner as needed. A physician or nurse practitioner will see new patients within 72 hours of your admission and are available on site 5 days per week.
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Q: What if the house doctor is not my physician?

A: Patients are allowed to have their primary care physician follow them throughout their time at Hoeger House; however most will not make the visits to see their patients. If they are willing to come out to Hoeger House and are licensed through the state of Kansas, that would be acceptable.
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Q: What if I need to leave Hoeger House for a doctor’s appointment or outing?

A: Speak to your nurse before scheduling any appointments. Hoeger House is required to coordinate your care if your stay is being paid for by Medicare or other insurance. As a professional courtesy, we only accept orders from the doctor of record here at Hoeger House. Appointments not related to your current stay may need to be rescheduled for after your discharge to allow you to focus on healing and therapy. Non-medical or personal outings may only be scheduled after ALL therapy sessions have been completed for the day.
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Q: What will my schedule be?

A: While we like to adapt our schedule to yours, we do need to get your therapy sessions in during therapy hours. You and your therapist can set your schedule to best meet your needs. Each patient will typically have a therapy session in the morning and a session in the afternoon at least five days a week, but this is dependent on your physician’s orders.
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Q: How much therapy will I get?

A: We are licensed to provide up to three hours of combined therapy daily for at least five days per week. Your therapy plan will be established according to your current needs and abilities.
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Q: Can I bring my medications with me?

A: Hoeger House will order all medications that your physician has prescribed. These will be ordered from our contracted pharmacy.
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Q: When can I have visitors?

A: Visitors are welcome anytime, however we ask that you do not have visitors during your therapy session. An exception might be if an appointment has been set to work with or teach family members. We are dedicated to your recovery and want your therapy sessions maximized at all times.
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