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Patient Testimonials


Here's what patients are saying about Hoeger House

"I will be forever grateful for help after my fall, which caused three fractured back ribs. I was in therapy for about one month. Now, I am able to walk well especially with the aid of a walker. My gratitude extends to the nursing staff, especially the RNs at Hoeger House."
– Pat B., former patient at Hoeger House

"I have been a patient in Hoeger House two times. Once in which I had my pelvis broken on both sides, a broken tail bone and a dislocated shoulder. Working with my therapist twice a day, it took two months for me to learn how to manage a walker before I was back home. A year later I had a complete hip replacement and once again was there for 3 weeks. I was lucky and got my old PT back and we went to work again — took three weeks and I was back home again. Hoeger house is a good place to be if you need the help that I needed."
– Maudie O., former patient at Hoeger House

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